progress … slow, inching

I have undertaken a project that I never should have: to download and install Movable Type onto a server.

Yah. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I offer a helpful metaphor: For the last two days, I’ve been trying to prepare a gigantic meal for ______ (insert scary important person here: boss, president, etc) , a very important meal, and I am only given the recipes IN CHINESE.

Because, you know, I speak Chinese.

Just a little stressful. HOWEVER, I have emerged victorious. With a little help from cgb (who, by the way, has one a cool blog award–yeah, collin!!) and A LOT of help from the SureSupport people for ICDsoft, a blog is now existing where it didn’t before.

And here now, is the J-baby, awake in the middle of the night for your interrupting pleasure. More later.

>>updated: one? You know, I meant, won. He won a cool award for his cool blog. Jeez.


One thought on “progress … slow, inching

  1. you’re a nutter. damn computer stuff. how to make whatever you’re doing that’s hard 10x harder & cut the time you have to do it around the time you spend arguing w/the machinery down to next-to-nil.

    this must be why i keep trying to convince ty to put photoshop on my computer for me to play with when i still have a BIG HUGE PAPER (ha, ha, collin, i can say that word if i want to) to be writing months ago. >sigh

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