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A quick report back from the Swamp Rat Run:

I had six brownies run–and they all finished. Our training did most of them really well; they didn’t run all out at the beginning like last year, and they were able to run-walk-run quite efficiently.

I ran the 10K after the one miler. It was a lonely race. I didn’t have anyone to run with, and I didn’t know any of the other runners, and I didn’t have anyone waiting for me at the finish line. I anticipated this, though, so I brought along my trusty iPod (for which I still do not have an armband, but >sigh< …). And so I offer a song-by-song (as I remember them, anyway) narrative:

The horn went off and I waited a while before I pressed play. I didn’t want to get tripped up or trip anyone else at the beginning when everyone is still all clumped together. I found that the iPod (it’s a mini) fit perfectly into the little change/key pocket that hangs inside the waistband of my running shorts, but I couldn’t see the wheel to skip songs or adjust the volume, so I decided just to hold it.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” set my pace, and I turned it up. The rhythm wasn’t quite right for pacing, but it’s such fun song. Plus I like the title, you know, without the ‘ve. The first (short) leg, an asphalt path from Oneida Shores Park to Lakeshore Rd, was all it took for the entire pack to get several hundred yards ahead of me.

Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to be Real” took me to the first mile mark. Those who did not leave me in the dust at the start were steadily coming alongside and passing me. 10:54

311’s “I’ll Be Here Awhile” had me running triplets. It was too fast for me to pace, so I for every measure of the reggae couplets I took three steps.

And then in the middle, there were some crappy songs. Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” came on somewhere during the first half, and initially I thought it would calming and uplifting and encouraging, but by the end of the song I wanted to strangle him. *skip*

Counting Crows’ “Marianne” after a few bars, *skip*

Sting’s “Fill ‘er Up” : *skip*

And some others, now I can’t remember.

At the turnaround, Tears for Fears’ “Woman in Chains” came on. I got some water and found that this song has the perfect rhythm for a steady, loping stride. And Oleta Adams! I have always loved this song, but she really is why. Sooo beautiful. [note to self] I need to buy “Get Here” from iTunes. [/note]

Split was 33:00. šŸ™‚

After the water table I catch up to a young, mop-headed fellow. His hair bounces, and I wonder if it makes him tired. I follow him for a good while, 5 minutes maybe, and then he slows to a walk. I want to say, “C’mon, dude, you’re my pacer. Don’t stop!!” But instead I pass him as

Shania Twain’s “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face” comes on. A good, upbeat song, but like many other upbeat songs, the tempo isn’t quite right and I attempt another triplet stride for a while, without much success.

10,000 Maniac’s “Candy Everybody Wants” somewhere in there–


Alison Krauss’s “I’ll Fly Away” from _O Brother_–


Fiona Apple’s “Get Gone.”

At the one-mile-out guy said “54 minutes” and I thought, “WooHOO!” I’m almost done, I’m not anywhere near dead, and I will finish under 1:06 (I had figured if I could sustain an under-11 pace, I’d be proud of myself).

The last song, Indigo Girls’ “Get Out the Map” was apropos, not only in theme but also in tempo; it was perfect for my short legs to push a little. It ended just as I was getting back into the park, and I tore the earbuds out and kicked it out as hard as I could. IT FELT GREAT!!

Unofficial time: 1:04 and change. They haven’t posted yet, and I didn’t hang out to hear them.

I got me a bagel and stretched and waited for my ride. And to think I was initially, slightly, disappointed to be alone. šŸ™‚


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