who taught me what

I’d been working up a post about things people have taught me–things that maybe should have always been obvious but weren’t (to me, anyway). Then Krista posted today about influences, and so I decided to riff a bit off her. Mrs. White, my high school English/comp teacher, Dostoyevsky and Raskolnikov, and Sartre taught me when… Continue reading who taught me what

this is what happens when I think too hard about method

I have several posts I’m ruminating–the most pressing probably a response to Henry’s reportage of the Hirshman-Schmitt debate on data about women voting rationally, or irrationally, or something. I have a good deal to say, most of it incoherent babble and objection to the “data” from a census being more valuable than anecdotal evidence (ie,… Continue reading this is what happens when I think too hard about method


I’ve gotten bad around here lately with the blogging. I wait until I’ve got a few good things to write about, and then I can’t figure out how to make them all thematically fit, so I end up making up some lame tag that connects them all. So here, I offer the epitome of dumb… Continue reading late