So, my parents-in-law are here. I love them. But when they’re here, the doughnut quotient in my house increases to the 7,893th power. Pop enjoys an early trip to Dunkin to fetch all our morning coffees, and he also brings enough doughnuts home to power Boston. Or something. Normally I’ll eat an unglazed cake doughnut.… Continue reading 76


More busy-ness today: Writer-in-Residence fun: and Brian’s birthday fun. I suppose I’ll have a few more days of non-cheating goodness before the quest is over in 2 weeks; however, today was NOT one of them. Breakfast: [7:30] coffee + almond milk Breakfast #2: [10:00] at the OffCenter Grill with Maggie: one scrambled egg + 2… Continue reading 75


Breakfast: [7:30] one banana coffee + almond milk Snack: [10:00] carrot Larabar Lunch: [12:30] two small apples w almond butter, raisins, and chopped pecans one hard boiled egg Snack: [4:30] one egg scrambled w mushrooms and spinach and two links of turkey sausage [Ate this and watched a little bit of Dr. Oz. That guy’s… Continue reading 73


I suppose I started counting 72 days ago because it felt natural to keep track; the quest indeed ends after 90 days — there’s a nice beginning and ending there that I can mark. As teacher, I truly value that which can be measured by beginnings and endings. It’s why I like CrossFit. We start… Continue reading 72


Ten weeks. Breakfast: [8:30] coffee + milk I didn’t eat anything because I was having my body mass measured by the Bod Pod at 10:30. The instructions were to not eat an hour before the test, but I figured I’d be extra careful and wait until after the test to eat at all. Lunch/Snack: [11:30]… Continue reading 70.