44 (continued adventures in no-cheat treats)

Ok, so it turns out that the no-cheat cookie is actually quite cheat-y. *sigh* Because we’re working to reduce sugar as much as possible, we should be avoiding the agave and the honey when possible. And theoretically, it’s possible for me to avoid cookies. Theoretically. So, once I was alerted about my sweetener misconception, I… Continue reading 44 (continued adventures in no-cheat treats)

43 (and the birth of the no-cheat cookie)

OK, guys. There’s been a whole lotta cheatin’ goin’ on, and I think I should try for a week free from cheats. Starting today. In service of that goal, I set out to make a cookie that would not have me crankin’ the burpees out. Therefore, I present to you the no-cheat cookie: Here’s the… Continue reading 43 (and the birth of the no-cheat cookie)


Breakfast: [8:00] coffee + coconut milk 3 clementines Lunch: [12:00] one small apple + 3 celery sticks topped w almond butter and toasted coconut flakes 20 almonds, 4 small dates Snack: [3:00] small handful of dried cherries + 2 dates + 20 cashews Dinner: [4:30] broiled seafood (scallops, tilapia, shrimp, crabcake [no breading!]) salad (iceberg,… Continue reading 42


Breakfast: [6:30] coffee + almond milk small handful of cashews, 2 dates, some dried cherries Lunch: [12:00] one egg scrambled with 1 slice of bacon, some onion, avocado, mushrooms and red peppers Snack: [2:00] pork rinds + veggie chips Snack: [5:00] one apple + 3 sticks of celery topped with 1 tbsp almond butter, coconut… Continue reading 41


Today was marked by my desperate attempts to eat something bread-like. I began this morning, mashing some leftover yams and parsnips with some egg and thinking I’d cook the “batter” in the pan like pancakes. I underestimated the amount of egg I needed, though, and so I ended up eating soggy mashed yam-parsnip-egg gruel with… Continue reading 40