Iowa Notes, Part I

After a quick one-day stopover in Chicago, we made our way to my oldest stompin’ grounds, Council Bluffs, IA. My Dad’s house is looking great, with the basement almost completely finished and lots of new landscaping. We got in yesterday and went directly to the pool, where Jack proceded to choke and gag and inevitably… Continue reading Iowa Notes, Part I

A Load Off

The part I most hate about teaching is grading. Every semester, I vow to keep closer, more precise grades so that I can whip out an easy, unquestionable mathematic explanation for every grade. Last spring, I taught an online upper division course, for which I had one student who turned everything in late and neglected… Continue reading A Load Off


I realized that the last post is F*&!ed up. Not sure how it happened–it proves that I know less about this blogging thing than I’m letting on. I tried to link to another blogger, Michelle Palmer, but my coding somehow shut the whole post down and cut it short. In a nutshell: Michelle Palmer has… Continue reading uhrhg.

drowning in laundry, literally

My life, summed up in one photo. Since the weather has been decent, I have been trying to catch up on laundry via line-drying, which I find to be fabulously relaxing. The problem, then, is bringing it in and having Hannah fold it (her one job). Often she simply lets it pile up around her.