mothering and work

Oh, I’m trying to get my (late) annual review done. And there’s this pounding in my head. I can’t concentrate. Am I going crazy? The problem is that I’ve banned them from the Wii this afternoon because they were fighting over it. Can’t. Win.

shameless commerce

If you’re a runner and a blogger (or otherwise-online-type), you can win a pair of great Oiselle Lesley Knickers over at Fitness for Mommies. I myself am looking for some running mojo during the ides here in CNY. And since I have no dinero, the shameless blog-post-for-possible-personal-material-return.

winter break

In central New York, the public schools do an especially mean thing to parents. In the dead of February, when everyone (read: ME) is near insanity with the snow and crappy weather, the schools let the kids have a week off school. What I have to look forward to this week: Big J on his… Continue reading winter break