the busy

After a week of painting and cleaning, and then a weekend of carousing with B’s family up from VA for B’s graduation, I slept for 12 hours, nearly straight. We returned from the graduation ceremony + dinner on Sunday night at about 6:30. I promptly put my fanny on the couch and slept until bedtime,… Continue reading the busy


Today I am grateful. It is a day of thanksgiving. Thank you to my amazing dissertation committee, who during my prospectus hearing yesterday were supportive and full of ideas and renewed my enthusiasm for my project. Thank you to my mom and my sister and all my far-flung friends (esp you, digital penny) whom I… Continue reading grateful

not enough awe

According to beloved B, my post yesterday didn’t appropriately convey the awesome-ness that is Little J, who is LITTLE (three short years he’s been on this planet) and who now can ride his bike without training wheels. I guess I’ve been living so long with super-freak kids, my baseline for what’s extraordinary is a bit… Continue reading not enough awe


The rundown since I’ve posted last: 1. Finished, almost, the article I’ve been working on for what seems like forever. 2. Decided that because of my knee injury, that I’m taking off from running until June. Yes, this means that I will not run in Buffalo (though I will still be on as D’s support… Continue reading listing