Apparently, I’m Kanga-Pooh. And if there’s a Pooh character whose knees are crap (isn’t Rabbit injured once in while?) we can add him to my list. We did 10 miles today (should’ve been 12) and my knees were just CRAP. They hurt. the. whole. time. Like, right from the beginning. What’s more frustrating is that… Continue reading kangapoo

for fran

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version of John Lennon’s “Grow Old With Me” Brian’s sister is getting married in July and has asked my sister Fran and me to sing. This is the first of several songs we’ll learn (mom will have to write a harmony for this one)–and then hopefully B’s sister will be able to… Continue reading for fran


I know I’ve written about this here before, seeing as this blog is *supposed* to be about motherhood and academia. I rarely get sustained, uninterrupted time to work. Yesterday at a meeting with my exam chair, he says (after reading the katrillionth draft of my exam proposal) “It’s like every sentence is a thesis statement.”… Continue reading fragmentation