super flam’n turdOmatic

flamin Originally uploaded by mryonker. If you thought I was kidding, I wasn’t. The fourth this year was nothing short of, uh, fascinating. We had homemade pyrotechnics, homemade rocket launchers (my dad christened it “La Bomba”), homemade vodka slushies. Lots of fun. A trip to the zoo, a chance to waterski, wheelies on the fourwheeler,… Continue reading super flam’n turdOmatic

some pics from dance

πŸ™‚ If you watch the slideshow, I tried to get Hannah at the apex of her Russian. My camera is so old and crappy, and my timing even worse, that I have to simply offer what will appear to be a cartoonish sequence of attempts. And Josh, of course, with his screwdriver.