getting the goat

Since I’ve been in CNY, I’ve avoided, religiously, the Mountain Goat, a ten-mile race that takes runners up Syracuse’s most painful hills. Every March I get the glossy brochure in the mail. Every March I look at the elevation graph and the course map published on the website. Every March I decide that such hill-running-nonsense… Continue reading getting the goat

what I’m eating

I know that if I was a blogger worth her salt I’d consistently post pictures of what I’m eating. But I’m also old-fashioned like my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Steinacker (or Steinbrenner, or Steinbergen-something) at East Butler Elementary School in Dwight, Nebraska. She berated her class of 7-year olds in 1983 that “not all books… Continue reading what I’m eating

beat down

Either I am catching what B stayed home sick today with (mild fever, headache, general malaise), or I am withdrawing hard from this being the first day (in many many) that I’ve denied myself coffee. I drank a Pepsi in late afternoon, hoping to fend off an impending caffeine headache, and it seems to have… Continue reading beat down


J and I drove to the local high school track this evening for our first round of speed work. It was an easy enough 6X400, with walk breaks in between. Nothing I do lately seems to run at a fast clip. Diss writing is slow like honey, and I get a decent page out per… Continue reading speedwork