right. First read this. Pay special attention to this part: “I was on the phone with my sister tonight outside in the front yard waiting for Jon to call and say that he was on his way home. He has had to work late recently BECAUSE! OF ALL THOSE THINGS WE CAN‘T TALK ABOUT HERE!”… Continue reading yeah

two day redux

Tuesday: All day: TA orientation. Afternoon/Evening: Tyra and I trek to SPAC to see Tori Amos work her magic. While a longtime, somewhat zealous-less, fan (never bought more than _Little Earthquakes_), I never made it to see her. And since I haven’t had cable in nearly 10 years, I haven’t seen videos and etc, either.… Continue reading two day redux


Thanks to Deb for her word, “vung,” which means (and I gather this only from context): dang, crud, drat, crap, scat. I say “vung” because today was a doozy. B took a trip to NYC to pick up (what else) an engine. He was gone from 4 am until dinnertime. From the moment I got… Continue reading vung

Frankstock 2005

Sorry for the white space. I have my settings to display the last seven days’ worth of posts, and when you go, say, for 11 days without posting, there’s nothing to display. Thanks for the heads up, Heather. Anyhoo: the rundown on the Frank family reunion will probably take a couple of posts/days for me… Continue reading Frankstock 2005