Things are looking up. My hair, butchered into sad submission last fall, is regaining its endearing unruliness. Since I made the cut, I’ve had many people — many of whom I adore — remark how much better it looked short. But it was simply strange looking in the mirror and seeing the coif of someone… Continue reading pony

wed nes days

In York there aren’t “speed bumps.” Instead, we have speed HUMPS, which exist, apparently, in many other places besides south central PA — just so far I’ve not encountered one until here. And hump day in York offers other new and exciting events: here, we get to watch TWO EPISODES of Corner Gas, a great… Continue reading wed nes days

puff daddy

So, today I get my kitties back. Some of you know, some of you don’t, that when we put the house in Parish on the market my swell and wonderful Ma graciously boarded our three cats so that we wouldn’t have to hassle with prospective buyers about allergies or whatever. Today, my mom is bringing… Continue reading puff daddy