my middle

Big J is in the middle of a fascinating growth spurt. Yesterday for dinner, he ate: a plate of roast beef and vegetables, a plate of leftover enchiladas, two apples (seriously), another plate of enchiladas, and two granola bars. He then left to go to hockey, and came back home and ate another plate of… Continue reading my middle


An update of the utmost quickness: I was laid flat last week with the worst of stomach bugs. We’ve been lucky the past couple years to have escaped some of the nastier ones, but this year…ouch. Big J and I had it in the worst way. I’ll spare your the gory, but I’m still a… Continue reading shoes

I’m it

I’ve been tagged. I feel like 7 “facts” will be hard for me to come up with. I could see this reduced to metrics, as in, “I wear a size 7.5 shoe.” But then I’d have the endless caveats: except running shoes, when I have to buy a full size up, and when I wear… Continue reading I’m it