le ouch

The good things about the GLER: I now don’t have to run for a few days. Sanctioned (mandated, even) rest days are good. It’s over. And I did finish it. The food. I’ve never been fed so well in my life: a buffet of delicious fresh fruit, turkey and cheese on wheat, candy, chips and… Continue reading le ouch


Tomorrow at this time, we’ll hopefully be about halfway done with the GLER* (the noise Deb insists we’ll make when we’re finished. Gluuuherrgh). I have been diligent in keeping to the pre-marathon diet: carbohydrates (potatoes mashed! potatoes grilled!) and protein (lots of chicken), no alcohol (except for when D’s husband Ch. pours the occasional pina… Continue reading gluuuuhergh


Today was the Fulton “Loop Around the Lake” 15K. With a field of probably 60 runners (and the majority of them running the 5K), this was by far the smallest race D and I have run. Did I say it was small? When the horn went off, I started out modestly. And the entire field… Continue reading tapir


When I got back from visiting my mom this week, I had a big surprise waiting for me: B replaced our countertops, tore out some ugly grey plastic (!) backsplash tile and hung drywall and painted, and installed a new range hood. Now my kitchen is puurrty.