morning person

Who would’ve known that I’d be a *real* morning person? The heat has been oppressive again this week, and so I’ve been up at 600 am (early for me) to step out and run. When I get back, everyone is still sleeping, so I get the bathroom all to myself and a quiet shower without… Continue reading morning person


iBeth blogs her breastfeeding hero. The J-baby is coming up on 20 months and still nurses. Infrequently, sure. Mostly at night. But also when he feels out-of-sorts, uncomfortable, or is in unfamiliar environs. When strangers are around. He wants to nurse. It is increasingly hard. He is a small boy, to be sure, though still… Continue reading NIP

some pics from dance

🙂 If you watch the slideshow, I tried to get Hannah at the apex of her Russian. My camera is so old and crappy, and my timing even worse, that I have to simply offer what will appear to be a cartoonish sequence of attempts. And Josh, of course, with his screwdriver.