and mustard

…because this post really is the same as the last. Well, same purpose anyway. Still busy, with no *completed* project to report, but progress on many. We had the movin’ upstairs party this weekend, and as I show friends and neighbors the “finished” rooms, I’m realizing they’re NOT finished. Really, only the rock is hung,… Continue reading and mustard

my boys, mostly

Slow progress on the upstairs remodel. The first bedroom is wired, sheetrocked, painted. Doors hung. It still needs trim and carpet. The carpet will just have to wait, as we don’t have the kizzy for that right yet. The trim will be raw pine (urethaned, of course), and we have it but it ain’t up… Continue reading my boys, mostly


“Summer Break?” Gimmee a freakin’. Break. Damn I’m busy. Who ever thought I could have so many projects running at once? But it makes me happy. I’m getting my purple runner’s toes back. I’m sharpening my web design chops. I’m making slow-motion progress on exam stuff. I’m building planning course schedules and syllabi. 🙂

don’t eat over your notes (or, blogs are not a weapon)

Your notes will be a sticky mess of strawberry syrup from the desert. Last night I had an opportunity to attend a networking banquet for a regional chapter of a national professional association. The banquet’s speaker was a local business woman who is a jane-of-many trades: publishing on demand, web developer, women’s marketing consultant. She… Continue reading don’t eat over your notes (or, blogs are not a weapon)