the definition of fun

trading shoes for an evening chinese food in the mall standing in long lines for little sips of mostly good wine watching the donuts fry and glaze and drinking coffee at Krispy Kreme having a friend who shares it all with you

a little good news to temper the last downer

I had a paper accepted for a panel at SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Assoc) in Atlanta this November. The title of the panel is _Maternity and Mothering: Rhetoric and Representation in Popular Culture._ My paper is “The Mom Blog: Rhetorical Strategies of Self-Representation.” Yeah. I should probably start writing it. 🙂 I’ve got a… Continue reading a little good news to temper the last downer

paying dearly

A particularly odious part of continuing education is the cost. Now, some people are simply infintely wiser than others, or they had parents* who educated them on the horrific black hole that is “credit” and did not allow them to borrow money for college, and those people escape the hell that is the student loan.… Continue reading paying dearly