I let it happen again

I let the white space creep up again. Sorry. I am on a mini-hiatus right now. I’ll post when I can, but things are just too busy for me–all free moments are used prepping, grading, or reading for exams. Be back full-on in a few months.

still at it

Matt Kirschenbaum explains Why I Blog Under My Own Name (and a Modest Proposal) (via). The overall message: blogging can have great benefits if done properly. My fingers itched to put scare quotes around the word properly. But really, I’m not being disrespectful. Here’s what I’m chewing on. Properly, I think for MGK, means professionally.… Continue reading still at it

making some sense

iBeth points to an interview with Heather Armstrong, where she advises would-be bloggers to suppose that the one person you wouldn’t want reading your blog, reads it. And that this should provide some sort of beacon concerning what you should write and what you shouldn’t. Add this to the stuff swirling around Ivan Tribble at… Continue reading making some sense