a quick request

I’m loading my iPod with an exam playlist made up entirely of songs sans vocals. I was shocked to see that the only thing in my library that fit this bill is Bela Fleck (this excluding any orchestra/classical music). I need some good music without the distraction of lyrics. Suggestions?? Please? Advertisements

competing voices

I’m lying with the boys last night as they fall asleep. Equipped with my head lamp and a book, I dutifully waste no idle moment, and read while I wait for their breathing to become heavy and even. Hayden White: Romantic artists went to history for their themes and appealed to ‘historical conciousness’ as a… Continue reading competing voices


First, I was overcome with a strange giddy pleasure when I read that our slew of marathon narratives were inspiration (and yes, she uses that very word) for Dr. Write to run a half marathon. She, of course, rocked. Second, I spent the entire day yesterday at the Fair Haven State Park with 6 children… Continue reading giddy-makers