a quick request

I’m loading my iPod with an exam playlist made up entirely of songs sans vocals. I was shocked to see that the only thing in my library that fit this bill is Bela Fleck (this excluding any orchestra/classical music). I need some good music without the distraction of lyrics. Suggestions?? Please?

competing voices

I’m lying with the boys last night as they fall asleep. Equipped with my head lamp and a book, I dutifully waste no idle moment, and read while I wait for their breathing to become heavy and even. Hayden White: Romantic artists went to history for their themes and appealed to ‘historical conciousness’ as a… Continue reading competing voices


First, I was overcome with a strange giddy pleasure when I read that our slew of marathon narratives were inspiration (and yes, she uses that very word) for Dr. Write to run a half marathon. She, of course, rocked. Second, I spent the entire day yesterday at the Fair Haven State Park with 6 children… Continue reading giddy-makers