well isn’t that special

a true dilly-dally:

After a meeting with a kind financial aid advisor, I completed my consolidation application today. It was less painful than I anticipated, except for trying to fill-in-the-blanks with a small boy hanging onto my elbow.

Don’t ride a bike with yoga pants on. There’s a reason biker pants have no flow-y hanging fabric.

A new discipline tactic has been instituted in the house: standing in the corner. Used today for the couple o’ errants who wandered over to the neighbor’s pool to “watch” (standing rule: no one allowed outside the yard). And as an aside: while I am grateful that said neighbors, when they installed the pool last week, filled it via water truck instead of emptying the well that we probably share, I really wish they hadn’t installed it at all. My kids are apeshit wanting to go over there and swim, which I unequivocally WILL NOT allow.

If you are considering donating your oocytes: if you have been adopted and do not have access to both biological parents’ medical info, you will be disqualified. [And when you go online to see if you can find the missing biological parent, you will find him, thank god he doesn’t have an email address so you don’t do anything stupid, and decide not to donate instead.]

And I offer for your viewing pleasure:

Doesn’t he look like the Church Lady? “Well, isn’t ThAt speshul.”


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