you know you’re a runner [if/when] (this might get repetitive)

if you know where all the dogs in your town live, and if you know a good portion of them by name. if you consider ramen noodles “carb-loading.” You know you’re a scrimping-and-pinching runner if you, instead of buying a new iPod, simply run *only* for as long as your iPod stays charged for. And… Continue reading you know you’re a runner [if/when] (this might get repetitive)

the weepies

I have a favorite new group: the weepies. Their website somehow reminds me of another favorite of mine, erin mckeown; it’s probably just the birds. Anyway, those who know me well know I have a periodic tendency toward melancholia. These weepies are not really weepy, but instead are somehow reassuring WHEN one might be weepy.… Continue reading the weepies


Things are lurching along. With the kids back to school, and the little J starting pre/play school next week, and me back to teaching, and B back to classes, and etc, we are slowly lurching into a routine of sorts. The baby sitting co-op schedule is different this semester; the good thing is that this… Continue reading lurch