lastchancerun2005 Originally uploaded by mryonker. …Deb, my lovely next-door neighbor and running friend. She has done me the great honor of guest-blogging this past weekend’s run. And for the record: we did NOT put our hands in horse poop, and *she* found this crazy run, I just registered us for it. Holy crap was it… Continue reading introducing…

warm horse apples make excellent hand warmers

At last…A chance to redeem myself to readers of Madeline’s blog! From reading past blogs, one might get the impression that I force poor, resisting M. to accompany me upon grueling, horrific runs. (I believe she once referred to me as “The Running Nazi,” after all.) Finally, the truth can be told!!


Little J baby AKA Monster Toddler AKA Destructo Boy, has his own little language. And it consists only of a handful of words, each of which has about six different meanings, depending on context. We have taken to repeating what he says, translating it into *real* English, after every phrase he utters, in the hopes… Continue reading joshenese


This is why I love blogs. So. Much. (lookit. I KNOW I’ve got the “so” with out the “…that.” Just deal. I’ve been reading student papers for two weeks straight; gimmee some slack.) People are posting reading notes for me, and they don’t even know it. Much obliged, Chris.

santa rants

Normally I don’t do product reviews here; in fact, I’ve never really done such a thing except to gush uncontrollably about my iPod mini, or possibly complain about my ancient digital camera, etc. I don’t imagine that this post will develop into more than anything but a rant, either, but hopefully something within the rant… Continue reading santa rants