April is National Poetry Month

And so it begins, as it does on every April 1, where I intend to post a daily, rough-hewn verse-or-so.

And then it ends, typically on April 2. I’ll try harder this year, folks.

[No Title Yet]
March, I believe
I’m quitting you.
Not leaving, as I’m not the one
who moved in. No, that was you
shoving February’s snow
aside with that first few days of glorious
thaw. You had me
looking forward to new spring with hope
I hadn’t felt since August. I opened
my windows and dusted the floorboards
for your coming. Painted
my fences fresh. Scooped
the gutters clear. But soon
your sky greyed over with a small
frown of indifference. You are here
to stay, but you stole away
the promise of a green beginning.
I’m done thinking the next morning will mean
birds in the pine and dew. I wake to snow
and the anger of purple clouds, and know
that if I wait, you’ll go.


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