hot cereal

I ordered a boxful of coconut flour last week. It seemed like a lot (you know, alot) of the recipes I’ve been reading lately call for coconut flour, and my local grocery doesn’t carry it. So I went online to find some.

And, as it goes with ordering stuff online, I always think more is better. That way, I don’t have to go through the hassle of keying in my credit card number a second time when I run out. Or something. Really, I don’t have any idea why I decided to order 4 bags of coconut flour. But I now have 4 bags of coconut flour.

And I’ve used it three times, each an attempt at pancakes. Heinously failed pancakes. They always end up too grainy or too runny or just plain gross. Recipes that promise “fluffy, lovely” pancakes either have a completely different definition of fluffy or are simply written by liars.

The saddest thing about all the gross pancakes I’ve made is that I still. eat. them. And normally they kind of look like pancakes — enough that I can pack them in a ziploc and tote them as a snack (a dry, tasteless snack) to committee meetings.

But this morning they didn’t even LOOK like pancakes. I laid dainty dollops of the batter in some hot coconut oil and they never really caked up. Not enough binder. There was no flipping these puppies; they were just mush in the pan.

So I scrambled them and ate the end result like hot cereal. And y’all, IT’S GOOD. It’s like cream of wheat, minus the gut bloat.

Hot cereal. #paleo

Hot Cereal

1 egg
1 tbsp coconut flour
1 medium apple, sliced or grated (leave the skin on if you’re adventurous; I used a honeycrisp. Mmmm.)
2 tbsp almond milk
dash of cinnamon
dash of clove
dash of salt
enough coconut oil to grease the bottom of your frying pan.

Beat the egg in a food processor for a minute, and then throw everything else in there for a whirl. Dump into a frying pan like you’re going to make a pancake, but then scramble/brown for a few minutes.

Dump into a bowl. This makes about 2 bowlsful.


3 thoughts on “hot cereal

  1. Okay, so now you tell me. Seriously. I had a boatload of coconut flour, but could not get it to work. It went bye-bye when we moved. Now I’ll have to get a new stash!

  2. Well, that does look yummy, but the result reminds me of the “Thanksgiving from Hell” a decade or so ago, when the extended family was coming to terms with a recently diagnosed gluten sensitivity. It Was Decreed that all pie was going to be gluten-free, and consequently the cook made due with rice flour, and produced about a dozen pies, all with the crust consistency and taste of cement. Sorry, there are things for which gluten just cannot be eliminated.

  3. So I made something like this Saturday. I was attempting a apple crumble though and it came out mushy appley stuff. Oh it was good… and it’s all gone. 🙂 But nothing like I had hoped it would. I started with coconut oil, some chopped dates/apple sauce mixture, then added chunks of apple, spices and about a half a cup of coconut flour. I baked it for about 30 min, but it was still mushy. Rusty ate it too.

    My pumpkin nut cookies on the other hand…. complete opposite. Like dry cereal. Boo.
    I’ll try to bring you some tomorrow and the apple stuff that made it into the cupcake pan. Was really in the mood for pancakes tonight….

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