what’s going on?

So, The Good Gravy at paper.li isn’t replacing this blog. Paper.li works kind of like a random aggregator: I told them what I like to read about, offered the twitter hashtags that I generally chase, and they (they being the lovely gophers that run the internet) scour the internet and retrieve articles, videos, and images that “match” what I’ve inputted.

I don’t write the articles myself. In fact, I don’t do anything. I’m a reader of the paper; that it says I “publish” it just means that the paper is about things I’m interested in, and that it’s my job to publicize it. Every week (daily was too much) it automatically sends me my headlines, and I’ve linked it to publish to Facebook. It’s kind of like my updates here on the original Good Gravy, which also get pushed automatically out as status updates to Facebook as well. I maybe should have chosen a different name for the paper.li site, but The Good Gravy is my go-to name for online stuff. Anyway, my apologies for the confusion.

In other news, I went for my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification a couple weekends ago. Yay! I was thrilled to spend the weekend as a student, which is a real treat — especially when the teachers are as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as mine were. So now I can help you improve your squat, and I’m looking forward to helping out at the box.

And the week since has been spent getting ready to go back to class. I’ve spent a good deal of time in the last week in meetings; I’ve got 2 of 3 syllabi finished and ready to go; and I’ve been shopping for new teaching clothes.

<clothes and body rant> (Skip if you like.)

I hate clothes. HATE THEM. I was hoping that this fall would be different for that sort of thing, you know, with all the damn crossfitting and paleo-eating and whatnot. But. I had a revelation today in the fitting room of Maurice’s at the mall: I may be smaller and tighter but my body is still the same shape. It’s still my stupid body, and I still feel like I’m shaped like a TROLL DOLL.

I know I’m not, so don’t post any comments telling me I’m fine and whatever, because I totally know I am. But holy crap the body image thing just does not go away, does it?

Or this: can someone please design a clothing line for women who have some leg meat?? PLEASE?? And while you’re at it: please design some shoes for women who need to look professional that don’t involve some sort of outrageous heel and/or ridiculously pointy toe?



One thought on “what’s going on?

  1. I seriously NEED you to keep blogging, because I just clicked that link and it brought me to an article called, “The Top 10 Ways to Prepare Kale”. That is not good reading material. I’ve never actually even touched kale, but I’m fairly certain that I loathe it. (Wait – it’s that dark green spinach-like veggie thingy, yes? Yeah, I hate it.)
    CONGRATS on earning your Cross Fit Trainer Certification! Also, trolls are adorable.

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