home made fudgesicles

This recipe is heavily cribbed from Juli’s 4th of July Fudgesicles. It is absolutely a wonderful treat when it gets hot; these also have that chocolate-y creamy texture that can fulfill any desire for Dairy Queen’s chocolate softserve… Well, maybe not completely fulfill it, but it’s dang close. I make mine a little thinner than the original recipe, and I omit the extra chocolate chips, because really, they don’t need chocolate chips. They’re perfect without.

Lug out your food processor. Mine used to be buried behind the crockpot and Kitchen Aid mixer, but I use it so often now that I keep it close.

Put 2 bananas (or however many over-ripe ones you have laying around, attracting those dratted fruit flies!!) and about 10 dates in your food processor, and let them whirl for a good bit. (Juli uses fewer dates; but I use less sweetner.)

Then add:
3/4 C coconut milk
1 Tbsp almond butter
1 Tbsp honey or agave (either works)
3 heaping Tbsp of cocoa powder

Whirl, whirl, whirl. Stop, scrape sides, whirl. The longer you whirl it, the smoother it will be. I let it go for at least a full minute.

Pour into freezer-pop molds; or, if you are making a large batch for a bunch of friends, small paper cups (bathroom-sized) work great as well. You’ll need something to put into the paper cups as a handle; craft sticks would work, but you can also steal a big handful of the wooden stirrers from Starbucks if they don’t carry craft sticks at your Target, and you just happen to stop for a venti iced Americano with room on your way out. (Your Target doesn’t have a Starbucks? You have my pity.) (You’ll have to cut the stirrers in half with some heavy duty kitchen scissors, or else they’ll be too long.)

If you use the plastic freezer molds, you’ll have to run them under warm water and twist gently to get the fudgesicles to release. If you use paper cups, you can just tear the cups off at the seam to get at your goodies.


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