Guess what I’m eating? An apple, chunked up with some almond butter and sprinkled with raisins and sunflower seeds. Yes, it’s time to get back on the clean-eating bus.

The past couple of weeks have seen quite a few pizzas and beers. I also may or may not have eaten ice cream for several days in a row. Oh, ice cream. You are so evil in SO. MANY. WAYS.

Pizza, beer, and ice cream have a lot in common with vacation: they feel good when you’re in the moment of their experience, but then the good moments end. And the end means… yes. It means sadness. After a week of beach-living, coming home is ROUGH. You experience the jagged edge of your actual life against what your life could be if you were independently wealthy (or if you could make a living sleeping in the sand).

Wading through 200 emails after being away for a week is quite like having an irritable bowel reaction. They’re both just a huge pain in the ass. [Ha! I kill me.]

So, I’m going to resume the Whole 30. I have about one month before I go for the CrossFit Level 1 Certification, and I think I need to, in the wise words of Lisbeth Darsh, HTFU. I promise I won’t post my meals. But I’m thinking if I can shrink my ass a little bit, I might finally get that elusive muscle-up. Here’s hoping. I am back on the bus, y’all. Now, to watch some videos of muscle-up instruction. Again.


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