n i n e t y

Now when my friends come over, we share our feats of strength. Before Shawn did his free standing handstand pushup, we were doing them on the wall. We also did pistols and planches (attempted — I cheat with my elbows planted firmly into my chest). I should also mention he did two before I had the sense to press the button on my phone to catch the video.

It’s late; I’ll share my full reflections on this paleo eating business later. But for now, I give you my last day’s food:

one egg with onions, yellow peppers, and spinach
3 slices of bacon

pumpkin seeds

cinnamon applesauce
2 ozs grilled chicken

one apple + 3 celery stalks + almond butter + sesame seeds

one grilled pork chop
roasted yellow and zucchini squash and broccoli
sweet potato fries

four date balls (recipe forthcoming!)


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