So. I’ve run 5 marathons and an ultra. One year, my bud Deb and I dabbled in “streaking,” running at least 3 miles a day for over 90 consecutive days (it may have been more; I can’t remember). I’ve run countless 5 and 10Ks, and a variety of other distances (15Ks, 10 milers, half-marathons). I have so many race numbers I could paper my bedroom with them.

I never DNFed.

CrossFit has given me my first DNF. The workout today was “Hammer”: 5 rounds of 5 cleans, 10 front squats, 5 jerks, and 20 pull-ups. On round 3, I pulled a muscle or some connective tissue in my leg on my third jerk. From pictures I’ve looked at on the internet, like this one,
it feels like an iliopsoas or inguinal ligament pull.

I told Chris, the trainer running my session, that I couldn’t finish. Chris (being the lovely and encouraging Chris that he is) asked me to try once more. I easily cleaned the bar, but upon dropping under the bar in the jerk, my left hip flexor — the one that I lunge behind me — felt like I was tearing it. So, I sat on my platform and thought, no big deal. I watched Missy finish and cheered a little as Al completed his last round of pull-ups. I squatted a few times, which didn’t hurt, and I tried a few pull-ups, which did (on the kip).

I left the box and went back to work. Walked a little around campus to run some errands, and spent the afternoon in my office writing.

I took Joshua to soccer practice. Jackson and I dribbled and passed a ball in the empty adjacent field. I paid small but keen attention to how I couldn’t chase the ball like I wanted.

I am trying not to feel upset about this. But guys, this really really totally seriously will put a cramp (no pun there) in my style. Grrr.

one egg + mushrooms, half an onion, and two sausage links
coffee + almond milk

two fig cookies
one apple + 3 celery stalks + almond butter + sunflower seeds + raisins

Coconut Cream Larabar
two fig cookies

small hunk of leftover filet (3 ozs or so) + half a yellow squash and about 15 brussels

sweet potato chips from Trader Joe’s
3 mandarin oranges

WOD. Well, part of one, anyway.


5 thoughts on “85

  1. Oh Madeline! You have my sympathy. Dwight tore his bicep about six months ago while pressing our “dummy” overhead (you’d love it. It’s this six-foot tall, 140lb monstrosity that you can beat the crap out of. We haul to to the football field, and I drag it around, and Dwight tosses it around). He’s STILL recovering from that injury.

  2. What would your Mother say?……she’d probably say this is a time for you to slow down and pay attention to something else in your life…. Take it as a sign, do whatever you can to heal swiftly and carry on where you left off! And my advice – Arnica!!

  3. And Kathy, my mom would be right. In fact, if I ever needed some extra time to get other things done (especially at work), it would be now. So, I am grateful for the break. (Or, I’m trying very hard to be!!)

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