So, this day was quite lovely.
Enjoying a free sample and excellent company.
We traveled to Pottsville, PA, to tour the Yuengling Brewery, the oldest brewery in the US. The tour ended with some free samples (I recommend the Porter; stay away from that Chesterfield Ale! Blech!). Then we went to Centralia, PA, a ghost town that was abandoned after the coal mines underneath the town caught ON FIRE. And they’ve been on fire since, like, 1962 or some crazy shit. And according to the many brilliant monkeys writing Wikipedia, the fires will most likely continue to burn for the next 250 years.
You can see the smoke coming from cracks in the old highway, and the road is HOT. You can feel it through the soles of your shoes. It is bizarre.

Then, we went to Cracker Barrel, where I ate [redacted] and [redacted]. In fact, I offer this journal today as a gesture only. Just count it as a cheat and move along.

one egg with onions and green and yellow pepper
coffee + almond milk

Yuengling Porter @ the brewery

green beans
turnip greens

chicken, avocado, and red pepper salad
brussles sprouts

WOD: 150+ narrow-ass steps at the Yuengling Brewery; a leisurely mosey around Centralia. Also, I spent a good two hours with an elevated heart rate as I watched the Giants and Diamond Backs. I do love the San Fran Giants. Well, two of them, specifically:

Have I mentioned that I love baseball?


3 thoughts on “eighty-[redacted]

  1. I’m not sure what you need to make a fine day other than a good porter and turnip greens. I need to check out the other stuff, too. I’ve lived in PA nearly my whole life and yet have seen very little of it.

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