The end is quite near. Nine more days. I will be happy to stop writing about my boring food (I’ll still keep EATING the boring food, though.) But I’ll probably still write a bunch about wodding. Even when you suck super hard at a WOD, like I did today (Oh. The suckage. I’m talking serious overhead squat sadness. I cannot do them quickly, or efficiently, or consistently), wodding is still amazing and wonderful.

Oh. One more quick thing: The number of sexual references in _The Big Bang Theory_ only becomes apparent when you’re watching it with your dad, who is visiting from Iowa. And people, there are A LOT those inappropriate references. You know, Rajesh talking about sporting wood and whatnot.

one egg + one small onion and half a yellow pepper
coffee + almond milk

chicken caesar salad
sweet potato fries

one half a grilled chicken breast
one avocado
iceberg, tomato, green onion, and green pepper
balsamic vinegar

1 miller high life Drank about 1/3 of it.

WOD: 4 rounds of running, overhead squats, and V-ups. Oh, overhead squats. You are so hard. SO. HARD.


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