one egg + the last of the leftover filet, probably 4 ozs. It was too much — too much of a good thing. I was full.
coffee + almond milk

one banana
one apple
Blueberry Larabar

Meat-in-a-bag (aptly named by Lynn at Dr. Write): about 2 ozs sliced roast turkey breast, 2 ozs sliced roast beast
10 almonds + 10 pecans + 20 raisins

quick chicken salad: one can of chicken breast mooshed with one avocado and half a red pepper (I only ate half of this batch; leftovers for tomorrow).

1 Miller High Life. My dad is visiting from Iowa, so the next few days will be punctuated by cheap-yet-super enjoyable beers on my front porch.

I LOVED TODAY’S WORKOUT. 30-20-10 deadlifts @ 50% 1 rep max (for me, 115#) and burpees. Finished in about 7 and a half minutes. Then, some handstand practice doing lateral “steps” against the wall. Great core work.


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