I’m fairly certain that I spent the entire afternoon advising students with blueberry bits in my teeth.

Also, I should change the name of this blog. It should be: I Eat the Same Damn Thing Every Day. Or: Non-Adventures in the Most Boring Paleo Eater Evar.

one egg and about 2 ozs filet
coffee + almond milk

6 oz blueberries
1 small pear
20 almonds

one small apple + 3 stalks of celery + dollop of almond butter + 20 raisins + 10 chopped pecans

8 leftover paleo chicken nuggets
a couple slices of roast beast
a couple slices of roast turkey [was making subs for the boys’ dinner]

WOD: Warm-up of 4 rounds: 10 each air squats, push-ups, V-ups, and pull-ups. [About half way through, I was told to mix in some dead hang pull-ups. I managed probably 10 total or so, though they got pretty ugly and near-kip-like as I fatigued. Definitely something to work on.]

THEN: 5 rounds of 3 thrusters, increasing weight after each round. I maxed out at 103#.

And then I tried the one-handed handstand:
Yet another thing I shall work on. Goals and work are GOOD.


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