So, there should be points awarded for the most honest food diary. Or, maybe there should be extra points for the one who cheats the most but still doesn’t give up. Sheeesh. While yesterday I was able to shun the cupcakes, today I ATE ONE. And then, after I ate one, I went ahead and had a glass of wine.

Small victory: there are doughnuts and Amish cookies and bread all over my house now (in the wake of my parents-in-law’s visit), and I didn’t have a total meltdown and eat everything in sight. It occurred to me that I could, since the cheat had already happened. But I somehow resisted. Fortunately, it’s trash day tomorrow.

one egg and small piece of leftover filet
coffee + almond milk

10 almonds and 4 small dates

fried zucchini and some hot wings (@ Sal’s Little Italy in Red Lion)

paleo chicken nuggets (recipe forthcoming! quite good!)
steamed green beans
zucchini and squash
Birthday cupcake. Brian’s 40 today.
one glass of red wine

WOD: Much leaf raking.


One thought on “77

  1. I know what you mean about relatives and food. Mine always either bring stuff we don’t need to be eating or they cook/bake it while they’re here. Good for you for resisting as well as you did!!

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