So, my parents-in-law are here. I love them. But when they’re here, the doughnut quotient in my house increases to the 7,893th power. Pop enjoys an early trip to Dunkin to fetch all our morning coffees, and he also brings enough doughnuts home to power Boston. Or something.

Normally I’ll eat an unglazed cake doughnut. And then maybe a blueberry later on, or if they’re in season, the pumpkin. Or if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, one (or maybe two) of the powdered cinnamon.

Doughnuts. I’m kind of like Homer Simpson when it comes to them. Drooling and stupid.

So, I had an early morning today; Maggie Koerth-Baker held an intensive workshop for some of our students, and I was excited to attend under the auspices of being a good host. But in reality, I was excited to learn from her [which I did; she’s smart and funny and just wonderful]. At any rate, I came downstairs early to the sight of several doughnut boxes.

And I thought, oh hell. I’m ruined.

But then I managed to skirt around the kitchen table, thank Pop graciously for the coffee, and drag myself out the door before I could reason too hard that one doughnut wouldn’t be so bad (and that in fact, it actually would be so. good.).

It's a paleo nightmare in here. The best kind of nightmare. And the day continued thusly: danish on the breakfast table at the workshop; cookies offered at lunch; cinnamon-nut bread from Amish country at home on the counter when I returned; a trip to Macklin’s Cupcakes for Brian’s birthday. And the doughnuts from breakfast are still on the table in the kitchen. Et cetera.

People, I held strong. Strong like bull.

some slices of melon and pineapple

some roast beef, a scoop of tuna salad, some sliced turkey, some shredded lettuce, and a couple tomato slices
(lunch at the workshop was wraps, so I gutted a few and made a makeshift salad)

2 dates and 1/4C almonds

4 ozs filet
sea scallops and wilty spinach
sauteed mixed veggies (squash, zucchini, brussels, onions, red peppers, broccoli)

No WOD. I’m a lazy sloth. But at least I didn’t eat doughnuts.


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