More busy-ness today: Writer-in-Residence fun:
@maggiekb1 book signing. :)
and Brian’s birthday fun. I suppose I’ll have a few more days of non-cheating goodness before the quest is over in 2 weeks; however, today was NOT one of them.

coffee + almond milk

Breakfast #2:
at the OffCenter Grill with Maggie:
one scrambled egg + 2 links of sausage

Funky grilled chicken salad with guacamole, bacon, mixed greens, blue cheese (blech, I shoved it aside) and vinaigrette

Brian’s Glorious Early Birthday Dinner @ Home 231 in Harrisburg
glass of wine
3 pieces of fried green tomatoes; 3 small buffalo shrimp; 1 deviled egg
short ribs + roasted carrots and brussels + mashed horseradish potatoes
2 whiskey smashes
2 fresh fried doughnuts (Holy Jeebus these things are, like, the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten. Worth every bite.)
3 bites of coconut custard cake



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