I suppose I started counting 72 days ago because it felt natural to keep track; the quest indeed ends after 90 days — there’s a nice beginning and ending there that I can mark. As teacher, I truly value that which can be measured by beginnings and endings. It’s why I like CrossFit. We start (3, 2, 1… GO!), we stop (TIME!). But I am not in a hurry for this to be over. I could do this pretty much forever, as long as I can drink a beer and eat some popcorn every once in a while. So, while I will not continue to eat strictly paleo after this business is over (recall: I need cream for my coffee, y’all; NEED IT), I am a completely different person. I think about food from a completely different place. I (or Brian) cook(s) or prepare(s) nearly EVERY MEAL I eat. Save for a Larabar here and there, I never eat anything out of a box. Ever. I’m chopping vegetables for every meal or snack; I’m washing a pan every time I turn around.

And I do love it.

I have muscles in places I never knew they existed. I have energy. I sleep extraordinarily well. I am HAPPY.

1 C grapes
hard boiled egg
coffee + almond milk

one apple and one pear chunked with almond butter, raisins, and some pepitos
one glass of almond milk

pumpkin seeds, pepitos, and about 10 cashews

Dinner #1:
egg and avocado salad: (one egg + one avocado + 10 green olives + small dollop of mayo + salt and pepper)
Dinner @ my desk. And my purse is full of dirty forks.

Dinner #2:
about 2 oz grilled chicken, 6 brussels, some onion and red pepper

WOD: 10-5-5-3-3 snatch grip deadlift and snatch pulls. I can’t remember where I started, but ended at 153#, which was reasonable I suppose. Tore a small hunk out of the “proximal phalange” on my ring finger on the last heavy pulls. Then, 3-3-3-3-3 hang snatch + overhead squat. Topped out at 73#, but couldn’t hang snatch the last round; I had to pull them off the ground.


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