Ten weeks.

coffee + milk
I didn’t eat anything because I was having my body mass measured by the Bod Pod at 10:30. The instructions were to not eat an hour before the test, but I figured I’d be extra careful and wait until after the test to eat at all.

half an apple and one celery stalk + 1 spoon of almond butter and 20 raisins

Lunch for realz:
small salad (iceberg, purple cabbage, cherry tomatoes, vinaigrette)
Outback Victoria’s 6 oz filet + sweet potato fries
several bites of brownie a la mode
several bites of raspberry cheesecake

(I was so full and gross-feeling from eating the sweets that I didn’t ever really feel hungry at all the rest of the day.)

1/4 C pumpkin seeds
3 ozs of blueberries

*(Ate this quick nosh so I wouldn’t wake up with an achingly empty stomach in the middle of the night. But even now, I’m certain that brownie is still sitting like a lead brick in the bottom of my belly. Wow.)



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