So, today’s enthralling WOD narrative:

“Ohhh,” I thought to myself. “I have to pick up this bar AGAIN!!??”


“Ohhh,” I thought to myself. “I have to do how many more ugly, fish-flapping ring dips?” [I conclude that I must look like a poor fish out of water at the rings, sadly and awkwardly flopping and kicking to pull myself up. That’s what it feels like anyway.]

Bor-ring. Sorry to disappoint.

So, what did I eat today? Well. This isn’t very interesting, either. I’m not supposed to say that I suck, but this diet thing is really getting to be near-impossible. So, something sucks. But it ain’t me. It’s the afternoon and early evening that suck. I get home from work and all I can do is either make cookies or drink alcohol. Small victory: I don’t do both; it’s either one (cookies yesterday) or the other (wine today).

Kelly’s Lovely Sausage + Tomato + Spinach leftovers with mushrooms and an egg
coffee + almond milk

one package of smoked salmon and about 1/2 C of blueberries (on the run to a meeting)

small apple + 2 celery stalks + one tsp almond butter and 10 chopped pecans

Carrot Larabar

sunflower seeds and a glass of shiraz
(I have about a million research proposals to grade. I desperately needed fortification. Also, I am a much kinder grader when I have a small sip of wine in between each paper. It was a selfless act, really. I’m salvaging students’ self-confidence and many grade point averages. Ohh! The sacrifices I make for my students!! I drink wine for them!!1!)

5 ozs filet + brussels, onions, and red pepper

So, today was 21-15-9 of clusters (75#) and ring dips with a time cap of 18 minutes. Any remaining time was to be used for AMRAP double-unders.


I finished with, like, 25 seconds left. I don’t know. But I barely made 25 DUs at the end.

My back is sore tonight — it’s the muscle that is adjacent to my right shoulder blade, between my shoulder blade and my spine. I could look it up on Wikipedia, but I’m feeling lazy. I’ll continue to slather the Bio-Freeze and will probably cuddle up to a heating pad tonight. The open WOD tomorrow includes thrusters (which is nearly the same as the clusters we did today), so I may wait until the weekend to record my 12.5 reps.


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