I have a confession: this weekend, I put on a bathing suit and sunned my butt in the backyard.

I am 36 years old. “Laying out” should be gone from my vocabulary. I have important things to do: papers to grade, articles to write, rooms to vacuum, bills to pay…

menus to blog…

“Two Broke Girls” to watch…

Ok, ok. So my life isn’t *so* important or overrun with responsibility. But still, sitting in my backyard on Saturday, my eyes shut so the neighbor’s dog would think I was dead (and therefore stop barking incessantly at me) — it felt absolutely gluttonous.

And wonderful. I love global warming. I am irresponsible on so many levels.

one egg, half a small onion, some mushrooms, and two turkey sausage links
coffee + almond milk

1/2 C of the chicken salad from yesterday
1 hard boiled egg

one small apple + 3 celery stalks + ONE TEASPOON (trying to control myself, here) of almond butter.

Cherry Larabar

sweet potato bar
1/4 C cashews

Deeeelish. <3 paleo, <3 Brian.
5 coconut shrimp + wilty spinach and other veggie mix (asparagus, red pepper, brussels, onion, and mushrooms cooked with lemon, garlic, and balsamic vinegar)

WOD: Mondays are great. I’m always rarin’ to go after two rest days. 15 minute AMRAP of 3 deadlifts, 4 hang cleans, 5 push jerks, then 20 double-unders. After each round, we increased the weight by 10#. I began at 45#, and completed 7 rounds (45#, 55#, 65#, 75#, 85#, 95#, and 105#).

Then I did 50 GHDs. Rusty may have mentioned that I’m doing them improperly, which I expect he’s right about as they’re not making me as sore as I think they should be. So, I’m off to read up on GHD technique in the CrossFit Journal!


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