An uneventful, cheat-free day. Not many of those happening lately. Yay for small victories! woo hoo!

For a story on a big victory, my alma mater (my first alma mater, that is) Norfolk State University totally upset Missouri today in the March Madness… uh, madness. I do not follow basketball, and I have not filled out a bracket. I didn’t know NSU was even IN the brackets, at all. I didn’t know about the upset until I heard about it on Facebook from fellow NSU grad. However, I did do a little reading around to see just how amazing it was that NSU beat Missouri. I came across this nugget on espn.com:

Norfolk State had a 1.0% chance of reaching the Round of 32.

A 1% chance. I love that. It means that even when the chances are low — bottom-of-the-barrel, scraping-the-worm’s-belly, nowhere-to-go-but-up LOW — that there is still a chance. I really really really like that. It’s wonderful and hopeful. I also love stories of the underdog rising up, cliched as they generally are.

In other news: my most recent poison ivy salve-experiments have been 1) hand sanitizer, which seems to work both for drying it out and for keeping it from itching so terribly, and 2) NU-SKIN, which was suggested by Brian and seems to be working to keep me from tearing my skin open with my fingernails (for now).

two eggs and two links of turkey sausage
coffee + almond milk

one apple and one pear, chunked and drizzled with almond butter + chopped pecans and sunflower seeds

grapes and grapes and grapes

a few handfuls of pumpkin seeds

5 oz grilled T-Bone (deeee-lish!) + sauteed zucchini and yellow squash + steamed green beans
more grapes
[There was a legit food fight at the dinner table tonight involving the grapes. It started with people tossing grapes across the table into one another’s mouths — it began as a fair show of athleticism, the throwing/aiming as well as the catching. However, then someone (BRIAN) started in with the “fastball” style shots, which were less well-aimed (really, he was throwing grapes at people’s cheeks) and more difficult to catch (impossible, really). And then all hell broke loose, and we’ll be stepping on grapes all weekend.]
cup of almond milk

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds

WOD: Busy 4:00 session made for lots of fun. 5 min AMRAP 10 ring dips and 10 situps [3 rounds + 1 ring dip]; 2 min rest; 5 min AMRAP burpee box jumps [51 reps completed on a 20″ box]; 2 min rest; 5 min AMRAP 5 hand-stand pushups and 10 pistols [3 rounds + a couple pistols… can’t remember this one]. Could not complete my 50 GHDs because they began the 12.4 WOD immediately after the regular workout, and the GHD contraptions were in the middle of that action. I felt like I would have been in the way. Instead, I worked on some light snatches and overhead squats (10 reps at 33#, 53# and 63#). My wrists still get sad about the wide grip, but they’ll just have to deal. It’s 10:00pm now; I may or may not do some V-ups on the bedroom floor. My money’s on mayhap not.


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