fifty-something… losing count

It is officially spring; I have poison ivy.

4 ozs leftover filet + egg

Lunch @ my desk.
one apple and one pear chunked and drizzled w almond butter and sprinkled with crumbled bacon, chopped pecans, and sunflower seeds
my last lovely Colbey brownie

half a chicken breast sliced and reheated in the pan with half an onion and half a red pepper
1/4 C of cashews and almonds + 10(ish) dried cranberries

“confetti tuna salad” <– I totally made this up!
one can of tuna in water, drained, and combined with
1/4 small onion
1/4 red pepper
3 radishes
1 stalk of celery
(all finely chopped)
about 1 tsp mayonnaise (mine was Hellman’s, which I know is not properly paleo, but I used just a dab, I swear)
salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste

WOD: 5 rounds of 3 reps hang cleans. I started at 63# and moved up by 10s, so my last round was 3 reps of 103#. Then we did these practice shrugs using what seemed to be an insane amount of weight. I did 2 shrug-things of each of the following weights: 153#, 173#, and then 183#. I also did 50 GHD sit-ups and I practiced my overhead squats, using 53# (completed about 20 reps). My left wrist gets very cranky about the wide angle stuff, so I'm thinking maybe small, frequent practice will strengthen it. It's my hope, anyway.

THEN: Brian and I biked 10 miles on the Rail Trail this afternoon. It was gorgeous; we averaged about 12 miles/hour, and I ate my weight in bugs, easily.


One thought on “fifty-something… losing count

  1. Sounds like my tuna or chicken salad. I add whatever I have, broccoli, hard boiled egg, sliced almonds, bell peppers, avocado, etc, etc. Everyday paleo calls it “kitchen sink” salad 🙂

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