55 [the b00b post]

Alright. Seems I’m getting some flack for my preference about, um, being small on top. [I’m not interested in getting any hits here from people looking for “l33tle b00b$,” if you get me, so bear with the leetspeak.]

I prefer mine the same way I prefer men’s hair: high and tight. (Apologies to all you shaggy-haired dudes. If you have long or longish-hair, I promise I like *yours*.) I didn’t always like short-haired, clean-cut dudes. I mean, I grew up with crushes on all the late-80s hair band frontmen; I especially loved Kip Winger. [Please don’t tell anyone, though. That would be embarrassing.] When we were younger, Brian would grow a fantastic whitefro of curly awesome. But I’m old now, and I like things simple. Clean. Easy. Not messy, not even purposefully messy (because seriously, how can I judge purpose? Messy can also mean just plain lazy, right?) So, yes. Men’s hair…

Oh, right. I wasn’t really talking about men’s hair, was I? I was talking about b00b$. I’ve never really had “high-and-tight” in that area, which might be the reason I like them that way. Even back in high school, I was a fan of the sports bra to wrangle the ungainly bastards. Sports bras just kind of smooth everything out. Neatly. If Janet Jackson had worn a sports bra during that Super Bowl halftime show, Justin Timberlake would have never had to deal with the trauma of her nip slip. I like that kind of security. So, in the locker room one day before a high school softball game — I was probably a sophomore — I noticed our star short stop pull a second sports bra over her head. It was brilliant.

Since then, I’ve been an avid participant in the the multiple-bra movement (or, anti-movement, as it were). As a runner, the LAST THING you want is to have unruly parts of your body moving in all different and WRONG directions. Think about it. The runner’s foot pushes off the ground and her body moves up…except for the parts that lag…and then when the runner’s body is falling back to the ground, her b00b$ are still floating up in the air out in front of her… and then WHAM! they’re back down where they started. Repeat repeatedly. Therefore, two and three sports bras were the costume de rigueur for me.

Forgive me. I’m a practical kind of person; I value utility, functionality, comfort. Therefore, I like small. Sue me.

Since I’ve begun CrossFit, I’m down four inches and 2 cups sizes. This makes me incredibly happy. And I still wear two bras. They’re like my really, really tight security blankets.

coffee + almond milk

Snack (or breakfast, if you prefer):
Apple Pie Larabar
[Yeah, at that point I still had not been to the grocery store. Midterm grades were due at noon, so I was chained to my desk in my office all morning.]

Thank god my husband takes care of me (or that he also gets hungry). He went to the grocery store while I was at work.
One freshly grilled chicken breast and two huge servings of wilty spinach with squash, zucchini, onion, and snap peas.

coffee and some beef jerky [Beef jerky is like bacon in my house. The boys steal it and eat it before I can get to it.]

about half a bunch of red grapes

4 ozs grilled filet with scallops and shrimp + wilty spinach
I love paleo.

I’m making some no-cheat cookies tonight; will post recipe tomorrow.

No WOD; rest.


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