Guys, I may just be turning into a damn brussels sprout. [And brussels sprouts can’t snatch. But they can do box jumps. I don’t know what I’m saying. This is what fatigue-induced delirium looks like.]

So, today was a feeble attempt to increase my protein. I ate two eggs instead of one for breakfast, and instead of half a chicken breast at lunch I ate a whole one. In order to make room for the protein, though, I had to reduce the number of vegetables.

…and I just realized that we are completely out of food. There is exactly one egg left in the fridge, no chicken, no bacon, no sausage, nor any other ready-to-eat (or easy to prepare) protein. I’m completely out of fresh fruit. I think I have some carrots and a floppy, wrinkled cucumber in the crisper (oh, and I do have brussels sprouts, of course). What the hell am I going to eat tomorrow? I’ll have to get up at 5am and go to the damn grocery store.

And today was the 12.3 CrossFit Open WOD. For a second week in a row, I feel like I could have done better. However, I thought the same thing last week, and when I returned for a second attempt at the snatches, my score actually DECREASED. So I’m afraid to feel like I could have done better. But I will probably still try again… because I’m stubborn (and a bit naive). Plus, I like the box jumps and the toes-to-bar. The 75# push presses are the killer. In all, though, I really liked this workout.

two eggs scrambled with half a small onion, 1/4 orange pepper and a handful of mushrooms
coffee + almond milk

(In making my cup this morning, I discovered that I accidentally drank decaf coffee yesterday.)

(Then, I meant to bring a snack to work this morning to eat before the 11:00 WOD. Forgot.)

one whole chicken breast sliced and reheated with brussels sprouts

dried green beans and banana chips; about 1/4 C of each

20 almonds

one pork chop with brussels and broccoli; unsweetened applesauce
1 cup of almond milk

WOD: AMRAP 18 minutes of 15 box jumps (20″), 12 push presses (75#), and 9 toes-to-bar. 4 rounds plus 4 TTB completed.


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