50 [pardon me; I think my nerd is showing]

So, this was how I felt yesterday:

[Shout-out to CrossFit 757 in Norfolk, VA.] That baby is not happy with that kettlebell, and I was not happy with, well, anything. And while I generally believe that mood and emotion are overdetermined (read: too many variables to understand or attribute one cause or reason), I’m pretty sure I was cranky because of my inability to snatch.

But I’m rethinking things. What can I take away from that experience that is positive? I have something to work on! I did actually get a few of them up over my head! Or I can think in less selfish terms; the benefits of my attempt don’t have to be just for me. There’s a rhetorical concept from the classical Greek, dissoi logoi, which means to consider an idea from the opposite side to understand the circumstances or outcomes more fully. So, your house burns down? Well, that sucks for you, but it’s great for the carpenter who has to build you a new one. If I think of my failed attempts yesterday though the lens of dissoi logoi, I can count several beneficiaries. What about all my fellow CrossFitters who moved up the leaderboard because of me? (I mean that completely unironically.) What about Darren, who had to struggle as he counted (or didn’t) my hideous attempts? (The challenge I presented to him will make him a better coach for someone else down the road.) And how about my poor family, who had to contend with the monster that can home from the gym yesterday and proceeded to snore on the couch all afternoon? Yes, well… they will more fully appreciate my good days after having had to contend with a bad one. Or something.

Moral of my long convoluted musing? The silver lining is often hidden, and sometimes you have to let someone else claim the benefits for your own failures.

coffee + almond milk
small sweet potato brownie (and… I’m out. Must make more now.)

one half a grilled chicken breast, sliced and reheated w brussels

one small apple with a spoon of almond butter sprinkled with sunflower seeds and chopped pecans

roasted plantain chips!! [scroll down for a review — I can’t find an official product page for this item on the Trader Joe’s site.] Oh, so tasty. They do have sunflower oil listed in the ingredients, but this appears to be another one of those “depends on who you ask” paleo questions. They are not high in sugar (0g) or fat (6g), so I deemed them an acceptable snackity-snack.

dates, raisins, walnuts, and almonds (@200 calories worth) and a pear

WOD: So, that stupid snatch workout — which consisted of me whimpering and dropping the bar on myself repeatedly — kicked my ass so hard that it pretty much ruined my day yesterday (I was Grumpy McGrumperson all day, grumping around the house like it was all I knew). Today’s workout made me feel a little bit less of a loser: 20 minutes AMRAP of 10 each: top-and-bottom hand-release push-ups, 24# box jumps, toes-to-bar, 75# front squats, and double-unders. 7 total rounds completed.


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