I forgot to drink coffee today. ?? My big bag of almond flour came in the mail yesterday, but winter break is over now, so I won’t be able to spend my days experimenting with sweet potatoes in my food processor any more. I still have some of my absolutely-no-cheating-better-than-questionably-good-custard-like brownies left, so I’ll be OK for a few days.

Besides, I do like them. And they look like they’d taste good, right?
Forgot my work today, but I remembered my food. Priorities!

handful of grapes

one egg scrambled with onion, red pepper, and mushrooms
sweet potato brownie

Lunch #2:
roast pork carnitas with onions, tomatos, and jalapenos @ Fiesta Mexico

sweet potato brownie

spaghetti squash w/ ground beef and marinara
pan-roasted broccoli

small handful of banana chips + 20 almonds

WOD: So, today I attempted the Open 12.2 WOD again. Somehow, today’s attempt was even worse than my first try on Thursday; I only made 10 snatches at 75# this time. I’ll just keep working on them.

Then, I did Sunday Funday, which consisted of shoulder presses, deadlifts, back squats, and sprints.


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