Paleo = damper on the social life.
Frozen berries to chill the white.
one egg scrambled w one small onion, half a yellow pepper, and some mushrooms
coffee + coconut milk

brownie flan*
1/4 C almonds + 1/4 C pecans

half a grilled chicken breast sliced and reheated w Brussels
coffee + coconut milk

Hockey moms’ night out: Roasted asparagus and mushrooms, raw broccoli, grapes, pineapple, melon, and 2 glasses of wine + a shot of some strange strawberry cream liquor

WOD: row 1000m then 30-20-10 of wall balls (14#), box jumps (24#), and sumo dead lift high pull (65#). Took me about 21 minutes. (Shout out to Christine and Meghan from the 11:00 session! Thanks for letting me chase you!)

*Brownie flan is the new “questionably good brownie.” I revised the recipe to include date paste, apple sauce, and almond butter. It’s still very custard-y. I’m going to keep trying.


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