44 (continued adventures in no-cheat treats)

Ok, so it turns out that the no-cheat cookie is actually quite cheat-y. *sigh* Because we’re working to reduce sugar as much as possible, we should be avoiding the agave and the honey when possible. And theoretically, it’s possible for me to avoid cookies.


So, once I was alerted about my sweetener misconception, I took the last of the no-cheat cheating cookies to the box so that Kelsey would have to eat them for me — sparing me the last of the cheats… Fortunately, I’d also given Colbey half the batch, so I managed to share the (unwitting) cheats rather than wolf them all down myself. And then I set out to find a true, no-cheat treat. I found a recipe that appeared to be properly tractable for de-cheat-ifying.

[Fortunately, I’m off from teaching this week, so I have a bunch of time to waste* in junking up my kitchen and practicing with my Cuisinart.]

I’ll post the recipe I came up with for the no-cheat sweet potato brownies, and I’ll advise you to proceed at your own risk. The results are questionable. I say questionable because when I finally ate one, I was starving, so it’s hard to gauge how good they were. What I mean to say is that when I’m hungry, I am generally amenable to eating pretty much whatever. I thought they were edible; in fact, I rather enjoyed them — I enjoyed them enough to eat three, one after the other. However, when my poor hapless Brian ventured a taste of one, the following exchange ensued:

He: [*gag* *gag*]
Me: Are they that bad?
He: I can’t believe that you LET ME EAT THAT. *gag* *wince* I can’t believe that YOU LIKE THAT!!! I can’t even swallow it…
Me: …
He: It tastes like… dirt… mixed with a little grass. Hannah, go get me some mud or something to wash the taste out of my mouth…

So, I say again: proceed at your own risk. I will make these again, but I’ll try with a little more flour and cocoa powder, a little less egg, and a different, more sweet sweetener (like date paste or applesauce).

Questionably Good No-Cheat Sweet Potato Brownies:
Moment of truth.
1 baked sweet potato (I did it in the microwave)
3 eggs
10 prunes, made into paste with a little water in the Cuisinart (I would have used dates, but I’m running low, and I didn’t have any applesauce on hand)
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 C coconut oil

4 tbsp cocoa powder
3 tbsp almond flour
1/4 tsp baking powder

Preheat oven to 350; grease 8X8 pan with coconut oil. Combine wet ingredients, then dry. Then combine both. Spread into pan and bake for 30 minutes.

I maintain that they are good. Brian thinks I think they’re good because I’ve forgotten what real food tastes like. He may be correct.

3 oz grilled steak sliced and reheated with mushrooms and an egg
coffee + coconut milk

Char-grilled chicken salad from Chick-fil-a, scraped clean of its cheese

one apple + one tbsp of almond butter

coffee (half caf) + coconut milk

3 questionably good no-cheat brownies
half a chicken breast sliced and reheated with some brussels, broccoli, and zucchini
glass of almond milk

WOD: warm-up: Run 800 then 8 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 10 pistols… Except that I read the board wrong and thought the 800m run was part of the 8 rounds, so I ran an extra 800. Duh.
THEN: Deadlift 3 rep max. I got a new PR, picking up 205# thrice. I then picked up 215# once, but couldn’t get it off the ground again. Next time, for sure. 🙂

*This is patently untrue. I have 3 deadlines at the end of this week. I have no time for this treat-making business. And yet.]


3 thoughts on “44 (continued adventures in no-cheat treats)

  1. I’m surprised he even tried them and can totally see/hear that reaction 🙂 Jon would have done the same thing. I made some paleo “apple muffins” before and sometimes that stuff just doesn’t work out. But like you, I ate them because I was hungry and I didn’t want my ingredients to go to waste. They were gross.

  2. I was surprised he agreed to try them, too. It reminds me of the time, when we were first married, that he tasted yogurt. (He had NEVER EATEN YOGURT IN HIS LIFE. That still blows my mind.) He thought it was the most disgusting thing he’d ever tasted.

    Anyway, I do like the cookies made with almond flour. They’re chewy and a little dense, but I do truly enjoy them — I’d eat them even if I didn’t have to. I haven’t tried a muffin recipe, but I suspect they might be a little too much of that chewy denseness. ? And these brownies are different… you know, not really cake-y or fudge-y like brownies should be, but you have to change your expectations for texture, I’ve learned. And of course, Brian has been eating pizza and bread and cookies this whole time, and so for him to eat a paleo brownie and expect it to taste and feel like a real brownie means it’s going to be gross for him. So I think his logic — that I like the “gross” brownie because I don’t remember what “real food” tastes like, might actually be spot-on. That is, my expectations are wildly different for food right now, specifically for anything that would be dough-y or bread-y. Not that I forget what bread tastes or feels like, but that I don’t expect what I’m eating to be remotely similar. I think a big key to shifting into primal/paleo is in re-tooling your expectations for food, especially texture.

    And yes — I’ll eat pretty much anything if I’m hungry enough. 🙂

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