Today was marked by my desperate attempts to eat something bread-like. I began this morning, mashing some leftover yams and parsnips with some egg and thinking I’d cook the “batter” in the pan like pancakes. I underestimated the amount of egg I needed, though, and so I ended up eating soggy mashed yam-parsnip-egg gruel with some bacon on the side (as a consolation).

I had about 1 cup of leftover mashed yam-parsnip, and so when I got home from work I doubled the egg and tried again. This time, I got honest-to-god pancake like goodness: yamcakes:
A new take on the yam pancakes.

They were still delicate, so I had to be gentle with their flipping. Though I was only gentle long enough to get them out of the pan and onto my plate. Then I devoured them. They were more blintz-y or crepe-y than cake-y, but they were still good.

Then, as I was cleaning the kitchen, I encountered Colbey’s empty yogurt container — the vessel that contained those-brownies-that-shall-not-be-named (CRACK!!). Anyway, I despaired that I had nothing good to fill it with before I returned it to her. Sooo. I returned to the scene of Colbey’s crime (bakergal.com) and found a chocolate chip cookie recipe… that called for a bunch of shit I could not find at Giant (macadamia nut oil, super-fine almond flour). So, I used Ms. Bakergal’s framework and made my own recipe. And holy shit balls y’all. I should have NEVER EVER done such a thing. Because these cookies are so good, I think I like them better (BETTER I SAY) than regular bread-y cookies.

sad, mashed yams and parsnips cooked sadly with one soggy egg (not horrible tasting, though, so I ate it anyway)
2 slices of bacon
coffee + coconut milk

one small apple + 3 celery sticks topped with one TBSP almond butter + coconut flakes and CRUMBLED BACON (about 1.5 slices)
(this is like a small moment of heaven, I mean it)
20 almonds

three yamcakes + 1 tsp honey

Dinner #1:
coconut shrimp courtesy my lovely resident chef, who did not share his recipe yet, but I bet I can get him to talk

Dinner #2:
small hunk of grilled rockfish with half a sauteed zucchini, also courtesy my lovely chef

two small but absolutely worth it chocolate chip cookies

WOD: 5 rounds of: 5 snatches, 10 overhead squats, 15 push-ups, and 20 V-ups. Forgot to look at my time, but it was, as usual with the snatches and OHSs, slow. Still a very good, very hard, very satisfying workout.


2 thoughts on “40

  1. Do you eat flax seeds? If so, you can make a bread-like product (quite good, actually) from flax meal.

    4 tbs flax meal + 1 egg + 1 TBS liquid + a bit of oil or butter + a bit of salt. Combine ingredients in smallish container and microwave for a minute.

    Low-carbers call these “one minute muffins”. Pretty tasty. Can be split and toasted for a snack or sandwiches.

    1. Heather… I’m not sure. I’ll have to research and/or ask the my resident paleo expert at the gym. But it sounds good, and I do *like* flax and add it to smoothies and such when I’m not eating like a dumb-ass cave woman. šŸ™‚

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